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Virtual Summit, 2018 Speakers

Shante Bacon, Founder of One35 Agency

Shelley Berkley, CEO + senior provost for Touro University’s  Western Division 

Lizabeth Czepiel, Productivity Coach for Fortune 500 companies

Grace Fulton, Actress

Grace Fulton, Actress, ABC Revenge

Lesley Grossblatt, COO & VP The Boardlist

Sarah Anne Masse, Actress & Comedian

Dr. Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede, 

Professor of Global Affairs + Founder of Young Woman's Guide 

Nancy SIegel, Educational Consultant & Founder of Lead, Women 

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Lead, Women Virtual Summit

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Here is a sneak peak from the interview with Lesley Grossblatt. She was  among the first internet product managers in Silicon Valley. The word “powerhouse” is often used to describe people, but I think her career accomplishments speak for itself!

Each video is 45 minutes and includes an actress, a survivor of sexual harassment, a Silicon Valley trailblazer, the first Jewish woman elected to the US Congress and a powerhouse business consultant, not to mention a PR executive whose clientele includes OWN Network.

You will receive this video and 6 more easy-to-watch videos, plus 3 short meditation videos!

We are not hear to “teach” you, as much as remind you to take care of yourself, surround yourself with a great group of friends, and to be inspired by these women’s stories of success, failure and everything in between.

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