Mindfulness training for Educational Leaders


"Nancy led a dynamic and thoughtful session for our entire leadership team. During her time with us, she challenged us to broaden our perspective, walked us through the science and theory about the benefits of mindfulness, and shared practical applications that can be used in our classrooms. The session was engaging, interactive and adaptable to a wide level of backgrounds." ~ Rabbi Jonathan Knapp, Head of School, Yavneh Academy, Paramus, NJ

Current research in cognitive neuroscience shows that cultivating a mindfulness practice in schools offers many benefits for everyone especially school leaders. Mindfulness training strengthens executive functioning, particularly the regulation of emotion, attention, thought and behavior which fosters deeper social emotional competence, crucial for educational leaders.  

Training that is specifically designed for educational leaders helps them learn effective ways to respond to their current work demands and manage the many aspects of being a leader, including their own self-regulation.

In addition, training educational leaders in this way serves the dual purpose of supporting them in their own mindfulness journeys as well helping them learn ways to bring mindfulness to their staff.  Since teachers set the emotional tone for the classroom equipping teachers with tools and techniques for their own emotional self-regulation and self-management helps them feel supported and valued and in turn they can then effectively bring mindfulness into their classrooms  and help their students reap the many benefits of mindfulness.

This all means that beginning school mindfulness training initiatives with the school leaders is a wonderful way to support their efforts to create a calm school environment, one filled with empathy, compassion and non-reactivity.  This leads to a positive school climate and creates a ripple effect of calm throughout the school. 


Some popular topics: 

  •  team building
  •  fostering trust
  • promoting a positive calm school climate
  • calm in the classroom
  • classroom engagement
  • developing a safe
  •  nurturing learning environment 
  • promoting the school's shared vision

I have worked with large groups (500) and smaller more intimate groups (up to 30)  as well as individually.  

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