What others have said

Mindfulness for Educators

"Nancy led a dynamic and thoughtful session for our entire leadership team. During her time with us, she challenged us to broaden our perspective, walked us through the science and theory about the benefits of mindfulness, and shared practical applications that can be used in our classrooms. The session was engaging, interactive and adaptable to a wide level of backgrounds." ~ Rabbi Jonathan Knapp, Head of School, Yavneh Academy

"It was truly inspiring to learn from you and with you in a very real, positive and productive way. We are so excited for our children who will have the opportunity to benefit from teachers who are implementing mindfulness practices, and classrooms that resonate and prioritize playing attention and being present." ~ Ms. Shani Norman,  Early Childhood Director/Assistant Principal, General Studies Grade 1, Yavneh Academy

"Great tools for classroom management in a non-punitive way." ~ Chani Stochel, Assistant Teacher 1st grade 

"Simple age-appropriate ways to calm yourself and your class."  ~ Robin Newman, Pre-k teacher

"Nancy is very personable and knowledgeable and an excellent speaker, as well as a useful resource."  ~ Aliza Enker, Assistant teacher 

"I really appreciated the way that the mindfulness breathing was mondeling so that we can do the same for our students."  ~ Aubrey Wolff, 1st grade teacher

"It was meaningful, powerful, and there were great tools to use immediately in class.  Very useful, very practical, thoughtful, engaging, interesting, calming.  I want more."  ~ Rahel Brebler, 1st grade teacher 

"I was 110 times right about inviting you to our school! You got my teachers on so many levels:   emotional- you made us cry ( in a good way), social -you made the quietest teachers talk), physical-you made us move and professional -you taught us so much about us and others.   Thank you for changing people's lives!" ~ Inna Izman, Early Childhood Director, Mazel Day School, NY

"I first met Nancy when she was invited to lead a yoga program for early childhood directors on Long Island in 2001. I am in no way a "fan" of yoga and was not comfortable about attending. But Nancy made a believer out of me. Although this was years before anyone used the term "mindfulness" Nancy's yoga was a journey in mindfulness as well as exercise. She led the the group with a quiet authority and gave everyone a sense of calm and respect through her engaging and interesting presentation.

After that, our paths crossed as I supported her work in teaching of young children and especially the teachers of young children. Through my work with Yeshivot, Nancy has brought mindfulness and yoga study to many of our observant elementary schools where she is honored and beloved. 

Nancy has run workshops for educators, which many of the directors and teachers I worked with attended. Each person felt that she made a difference in their professional and personal life through what they learned and experienced with her.  Nancy is a true professional. I have seen her in many environments and working with many diverse groups of people. No matter the age - from the youngest preschooler to adults she is always dynamic, on target and relevant for each group.  She is patient, kind and senses what a group will appreciate and enjoy and how to make it applicable in their lives. She has a true dignity when she teaches and respects the integrity of each individual.   Mindfulness is not an "easy" concept and many can be skeptical of the benefits. After learning with Nancy, the participants are always grateful for the experience and have tools and strategies that can be used over and over again. 

 Nancy Siegel is an outstanding person, teacher, leader and presenter." ~ Susan Topek, Associate Director of Early Childhood at The Jewish Education Project in New York

"Thank you so much for providing us with such a meaningful and successful workshop.  As we mentioned at the time we all felt that you did a masterful job of meeting each of our teachers at the exact point at which they are currently holding in regard to mindfulness.  This is an extremely difficult task which you seemed to achieve with ease.  We know that much effort and mindfulness went into your preparation.  We look forward to continuing this relationship." ~ Rabbi Michael Weichselbaum, Menahel/Principal Bnos Malka Academy, NY

“This was the best breakout session ever.  Please invite her back!” ~Jenny P, Learning Specialist

 “These approaches could be used in a wide variety of settings in different grades successfully.” ~ Atara S., Lower School General Studies Teacher

“There are no words (to describe) how this workshop affected me personally and professionally.  Thank you!”~ Amy T.,  Lower School Judaics Teacher

“Besides being able to meditate in the middle of a work day (who doesn’t like that?!) I was assured that my two worlds: education, classroom teaching/learning can be combined with meditation, yoga, and mindfulness.”  ~ Andrea B.,  Lower School Teacher

“I loved it all and plan to make a point of doing community building activities with my class once a week.  Thank you for giving me more ideas.”​​
~ Samantha Goldstein, 4th grade teacher

“Thank you!  I appreciated your calming, welcoming demeanor.  I enjoyed the practical implications for the classroom.”​​~ Amy Groeger, Kindergarten teacher

“Very well presented.  Well organized and professional!”​​~ Jane Levine, Enrichment teacher

“You were very sensitive with us. You felt us!”​~ Betsy Smith, 3rd grade teacher

“I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop.  The music and activities are going to be a great addition to my classroom as well as the techniques you showed us.”​ 
~Amy Levine, Pre-school teacher

Nesheemah Kids Yoga Teacher Training (NKYTT)

“Best course I have EVER taken, NKYTT should be a requirement for anyone who works with kids! We live in exciting times, but these days people are often in a state of stress because of the inevitable social and environmental circumstances, and we are seeing how these circumstances are affecting the next generation. When the brain is under too much stress it is not available to learn new information. Yoga and Mindfulness is a healthy way to help the next generation make the most of these exciting times while balancing the social and emotional consequences that come along with it all.

I have never in my life come across an educator/guide like Nancy and I am so grateful to finally have met someone who gets it, can make sense of it, and actually teach and train others how to use her Nesheemah philosophy. This is by far the most useful/beneficial course I have taken, as someone who works with children and wants to truly make a difference. Nancy has opened my heart and mind in ways that can't be undone. This course is true experiential learning at its best! I have never felt so prepared and excited to go out and make a difference!” ~ Natalie Buchsbaum, O.T., Summer '18

"I would  highly recommend this training.  It has helped me grow not only as a yoga teacher, but also as a clinician and person.  Nancy guides you into tapping into your inner child making the teaching experience both valuable and authentic."  ~  Lauren Kriston, Speech Pathologist, Fall '17

"This was a much better experience than my actual YTT-200.  Nancy does a phenomenal job at creating a welcoming, nurturing environment and I'm filled with gratitude." ~ Denise Bozza, Hot yoga instructor, Fall '17

"Over my lifetime of 41 years, I never found anybody that I truly admire and looked at as a role model. SAD:(  I do have high standards. Well that all changed the first week I met you. I mean it Nancy, you and your program opened my eyes to the world. It has been such a great learning experience. Thank you for that!" ~ Chrissy Sunberg, ADHD Coach, Summer '17​

"NKYTT has solidified my philosophical foundation of teaching. The research and theories we learned gave me confidence in how I approach working with students - clear, concise directions, show and not tell, and come from a place of authenticity. I am changing my language and inviting rather than demanding, and stretching instead of challenging. My teaching has always felt blurry around the edges and NKYTT has focused and sharpened the outline, giving structure and support while allowing for flexibility and creativity. NKYTT is absolutely one of the most transformative teaching experiences I've had. Nancy Siegel is joy in human form - authentic, compassionate, knowledgable, and FUN! I l loved every minute of my training and cannot recommend Nesheemah Kids Yoga enough."  ~ Kara Cooper, Transition Specialist, Bergen Family Center,  Summer '16

"To anyone considering taking Nancy Siegel's Nesheemah Kids Yoga Teacher Training:  TAKE IT!  Not only will you leave the program with new and innovative ways to approach teaching and guiding your students...you will leave Nancy's Nesheemah Kids program enriched and enlightened on a personal level, as well. And for you parents, on a parental level, too.  You will learn about Child Development, Teaching Methodologies, Social Emotional Learning, Classroom Management to name a few of the fascinating topics. My favorite, Mindfulness Techniques...through PLAY!  The Recommended Reading List, I promise, you will keep and refer to for a lifetime!  Nancy's teaching style is both grounded in the latest knowledge based research AND sprinkled with light hearted humor making your time commitment to The Nesheemah Kids Yoga Teacher Training course FLY BY!" ~ Jodi Massoud, OT, mother of 2, Summer '16

"I gained so much from your course it's hard to pinpoint what was the most helpful. What I learned about classroom management also helps me in my mommy life with my kids.    In general though, the practice teaching yoga classes that we created and taught was the most helpful. I appreciated getting constructive criticism to make my classes better. And practicing teaching helped me warm up and give me just enough confidence in teaching yoga that I needed to agree to teach in a school. The only way to really learn is through experience so teaching the practice classes was perfect."  ~ Shevi Simpson, Fall '15

"I feel so blessed to have gone through NKYTT. This program has
 completely changed the way that I connect & interact with children.  I know the things I learned will be invaluable in the future.  I learned so many new and important ways to teach children's yoga, and discovered a lot about myself in the process." ~ Isabelle Stonier, college senior, Summer '15

"I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to Nancy and her teaching.  What I have learned from her keeps popping and percolating in my brain. She truly made me a better teacher.  So lucky and grateful to have learned from her and I recommend  this training. In it you will find new and heartfelt ways of teaching. Don't get discouraged about education today because it's going to change.  Be part of the new & exciting changes! This training really honors teachers." ~ Bessy Inomata, ESL teacher, Fall '15

"NKYTT offers a great way to bond with others who love  
children, to have fun and learn great techniques to promote mindfulness, self-awareness, self-regulation, strength, confidence, etc., in both themselves & the children they care for." ~ Sharon Prawetz, Social Worker, Newark Public School, Summer '15

"I loved the emphasis on the social-emotional aspect of learning.  And I loved how the various games and activities in this training bonded us all into a family.  That makes me think that this can occur with a group of children, as well.   The training has been very special.  It's not just a training about children, because I have learned a lot about myself, as well!"~ Ellen Mendelsohn, Music Teacher in Public Schools for 40 years, Summer '15

"I would recommend NKYTT because of the love, Nancy's expertise, and the value and importance of the program.  How important it is to help children of today because they live in a place of stress, fear, competition.  Through yoga we can help calm and support them."~ Johanna Samad, adult and children's yoga teacher, Summer '15

"This program is a journey of self-discovery, self-growth as well as learning how to share the joys of yoga with children." ~ Suzanne Warshavsky, Esquire, Summer